Friday, September 11, 2009

Pizzeria Mozza

Last night 'Cher' and I had are usual dinner outing on Melrose. We thought we would try out Mario Batali's "acclaimed" Pizzeria Mozza the other side of Osteria Mozza (AMAZING).  We were very pleased on the atmosphere and decor - great vibe. They have a main area with a large bar and a little side room that looks like a wine cellar, super cute for a date.  Make sure to arrive on time or they give up your reservation after 15 minutes.  Menu looked tasty, however, the food was not. We started with the chopped salad, totally bitter, then we order the Margarita pizza and the goat cheese pizza. Lets just say the Margarita pizza tasted like BBQ sauce and left the worst taste in my mouth, all I needed was a shot of Pepto to go along with it.  The Goat cheese was the best by far and it still wasn't even that good. I couldn't wait to get out of there and go make dinner AGAIN! I have to say I was SO NOT IMPRESSED! Maybe go for the atmosphere, a drink and a dessert.

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